Make the call

There’s no such thing as a tie.
… in sports, politics, contests or the lotto

There can be two winners.
… in some instances, actually more than two

There is only judgment.
… in the case of making a call

There are no bad calls.
… in making decisions some are just better than others

The ears can’t see better than the eyes.
The eye can’t hear better than the ears.
The mind can’t empathize better than the gut
The gut can’t decode better than the mind

The umpire, the judge and the referee know these truths
They look for the touch
They listen to the pop
They instant replay
They judge the case

Use the senses
Take consensus
In case of a tie
Don’t rely
On just the ears
Or just the eyes
But with concert of all
Don’t stutter
Don’t stall
Its one or the other
No tie involved
Make the call

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