Encouragement is the best nourishment

Discouragement is just a fatigue of motivation. (Count on trouble)
It’s like the subtle pain that sets in the muscles and joints having just accomplished great feats. It is a common occurrence. The knowledgeable have discovered that just as an athlete feeds his muscles within 30 minutes after a workout so should an individual be “nourished” with encouragement whether in victory or defeat; at the beginning and towards the end.

The involvement of encouragement is profound. (Count it all joy)
For instance, most people are strangers but a timely word can lift one’s spirit and sustain them through the day. It also doesn’t require much time or effort to give a pep talk, a pat on the back or just acknowledging that someone exist and matters.

Encouragement is really the art of grooming. (Count on others)
When discouragement sets in on us like ticks on a dog, it demoralize through subtlety and before you know it we all are itching and scratching from the same causes. Encouragement is potent through a person acquainted with similar issues with the “discomfort” of discouragement. Why, because they’re associated by experience. In other words, they know just what causes the itching and knows just where to scratch.

Yes, we can encourage ourselves, lick our wounds and lift ourselves up by the bootstraps, but there are some places that are just to far out of reach and we need the help of others when overwhelmed by an infestation of things that saps our strength and steals our joy.

Yours in the Touch & Go,

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