The weight of our words

A little child who cries out in great anguish need not search his index of reason to find the appropriate words.

Weight has gravity, dimension and substance.  Given velocity, amperage and precise aim, it can make a profound impact.  No matter what the size, mass is mass.  Be it a small grain of sand or mountain, each has volume and scope.

How about words.  Yes the phrases and shapes of sound that come out our mouths.  The crafted characters of an alphabet or a language derived from hereditary social interaction.  Not only the spoken but the signing of words carry weight.  The amplification can be seen through the use of colors and the electromagnetic imaging.  It is also observed through movement with the animation of objects; be it organic, natural or dead material.

I thought about the lifestyle of a worshipper, particularly in the worship arts.  I’m realizing that this art is the “practicing of presence”.  Of one presenting himself in the words of his belief. In the words of his convictions.  One could say, “This person carries a lot of weight.” or “They know how to throw their weight around.”  This involves the presence of his whole being at any given time; be it mind, body, spirit or strength (weight).

The scales of circumstance and the calibration of justice that come to measure ones weight of matter; to matter the fact if such a one has any weight to measure.  The measure of heart, motive and intention will be weighed out on the scales of circumstance.

The storms, the floods, the feast and the famine; all that comes to try the stature of a man’s “staying presence” in a thing, especially his words.  Words can only remain with weight, and with presence (anchorage).

Once presence is removed nothing avails; it does not exist; it has no law or effect.

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