Hello, welcome to my blog “Leap Forward”! My name is DC JAMES “The Head Coach” I’m a Transformation Strategist, Group and Personal Fitness Trainer, Life Coach, Project/Marketing Consultant, Solopreneur, Author and Esteemed Spiritual Mentor.  I Effectively Motivate People to “Be Transformed, Get Interactive and Leap Forward“!

Downloads to fitness workouts, nutrition plans, life guides, play-books, motivational podcasts, leadership tutorials, planning tools for personal/business challenges could be at your fingertips.

Through a wealth of knowledge, research and personal experiences these methods and tools were painstakingly developed and put together. I call this process: Quantum Planning S.Y.S.T.E.M.S ™ (Showing Your Steps Through Estimated Measures Succeeds).

Quantum Planning S.Y.S.T.E.M.S harnesses the creative potential of your Time, Talent, Treasure and Tools toward accomplishing your vision, goals and dreams.

Information isn’t power -Learning is! ~ #DCJAMESQUOTES

Get STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS for goals of any magnitude and a Coach/Mentor/Trainer with TACTICAL RESOLUTIONS to develop a can do, will do, must do attitude. Subscribe, Share and Comment on my Blog and social platforms. Also, search the web to view my latest activities. If you have any questions, challenges or requests call my coach line 321-345-7247.

DC JAMES_The Head Coach_Sports Performance_Strength and Conditioning Training

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