Best Personal Trainer App for 2020

How to Workout From Home with a Personal Trainer – DC JAMES FITNESS App, you can start tracking your workouts and meals, measuring results, and achieving your fitness goals, all with the help of your personal trainer, me, DC JAMES. Download Today! ▶︎ BEST PERSONAL TRAINER APP DC JAMES FITNESS APP offers a bulk of […]

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No Pain, No Promotion!

Is it possible to hurt the ones you love and still call it love? Before you drag this though through your theological wash and rinse cycle of apologetics and hermeneutics, Bob Sorge not only establishes this argument through the canonical practices but speaks from first-hand experience from his own embodiment of suffering. This work establishes the right […]

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In spite of the fact that people come to me for fitness training and nutritional coaching, they commonly require considerably more than directions on what to eat. Since it’s so difficult to grow in establishing “best practices” in eating and how it fits to one’s way of life, I find myself more in a diatribe […]