Finish preparation before starting

“Every start is a trial on your preparation” DC JAMES  Introduce is the Zone of Preparation It’s where “first things” come and where things are first ever introduced or revisited.  First things are in the form of dreams, new ideas, experiences and challenges never faced before.  Common everyday rituals; like waking up, eating, bathing and […]

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Impeding the Flow of Traffic

Summary: Global internet traffic is on the rise looking to quadruple in 2015.  Today’s internet marketer will need to be prepared to get into the flow of this increase of traffic in order to meet the demands it may require. Getting into the Flow I’m reminded of drivers ed when I hear the term “Flow […]

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You know You?!

A common expression that may be heard during a gathering of the minds regarding business is “Its not what you know, but who you know”.  Its become the understanding of how the way things are.  Or to some extent, how the way things go. For the sake of argument, if this is the case, when […]

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When failure offers options

Failure doesn’t last long because it will soon live up to its reputation. In other words, failure will FAIL. The question is when it does will you find the RICHES it leaves behind. There’s an incredible story called the The Richest Man in Babylon that tells of such a fate. Brief Synopsis:   Man has […]

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