Learning to Color In Black and White: A Quick Glance

Summary: DC JAMES offers advice on how to create a visual using words, so that people can see what you’re saying while still conveying your message.

We’re living in an “over consumed-communicated” society. Consumers are on information overload. That’s what marketing gurus, Al Ries and Jack Trout, told us 30+ years ago. And that was before the Internet, Smart Devices and Podcasts. 

So how can you grab the attention of your audience?

DC JAMES, CEP “The Head Coach”, a marketing and communications mentor among such, offers advice on how to create a visual when you speak, so that people can see what you’re saying. He emphasizes the importance of finding the color in your words and stories, so that you stand out from the “black and white” crowd.

He suggests digging deep to find the color in the things that interest you. He gives the example of one of his mentees, who had to give a pitch about his brand started under the same name of his corporation, to a round-table of professional contractors and investors. By finding the story of his childhood experiences on a farm, he was able to connect to his audience and add color to an otherwise dry pitch deck.

He also suggests that if you can’t find the color on your own, it can be helpful to ask a friend to interview you or even hire a coach.

DC JAMES helps people turn black and white into color, using their words as paintbrushes.

DC JAMES is a marketing and communications coach who helps people stand out from the “black and white” crowd by finding the color in their story, their interests, and their words. With a mission to help people create visual stories that Leap Forward! DC JAMES helps people make an impact in the over-communicated production polluted PENDEMIC world.

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