Lasting Impressions

I am recalling a scene from the critically acclaim movie named “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, starring Brad Pitt.

I recommend you see it.

It’s a scene he narrates through about  an older women who made an astounding impact on him that changed his life but he couldn’t remember her name.

He stated, “People we remember the least have a greater impact on us the most.”

Lasting impressions and chance encounters do shape our lives.
Staying curious about this phenomenon is enough to tempt one to record every moment that gives a “kindred” jolt or feelings of déjà vu .

This would be an extremely difficult task.  Some things only live in their moment.  These kinds of impressions are potent-fermented-varieties of after-thoughts. Collected for getting reasoning together for theater.

Oh the game of reminiscing.  If one thinks about it we do have more in the past than that which is present or future, speaking of course about our memory of past things.

This of course is dangerous if we spend too much time reminiscing  on the passing glory of things, but never will we overdose on the good lasting impression we recall from the yesterdays of our lives.

There’s a saying, curiosity killed the cat.  I don’t believe that.  I believe carelessness killed the cat.

Be aware of the impressions made on you as well as the ones you make on others.

It may just be your last.