Perfect Attendance


“And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, ‘Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat.”

*MRP: Bible ~ Gen. 2:15,16 <<SCRIPT

The place of cultivation is a place of provision. <<OBSERVATION
The place set apart also has the commanded blessing to freely partake, which comes when Adam tends (cultivates) and keeps it.

How did Adam cultivate and keep the garden? <<APPLICATION
There were no curses of thorns and thistles, so painful obstacles weren’t present; plus water was provided. I can see other words in the word ‘tend’ as in ‘attend’ or attendant. Yes, now I see, I can keep things by first keeping attendance or my appointments. This is how relationships and things transform and grow.

Creator God,<<PRAYER
Help me keep perfect attendance toward things that I need and to the things that need me for growth. Teach me also how to take full advantage of opportunities and provisions that others have cultivated through their labors of attendance.

Amen (let it be so).

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