Finding the questions to requirements


“Where am I needed?”

The original spelling for Choir is “Q-U-I-R-E.” The definition of quire is a set of four papers folded to form 16 pages bound together (much like a pamphlet).  The definition for “quire” is synonymous with “choir” which means a division of one.  The best practice however is in the binding together of those divisions to make it whole.

Your life has its divisions or as I like to put it “zones”, i.e. family, business, financial.  Ideally, we have one life that has many parts.  And it’s very important they play in concert harmony.

What things are needful, from you unto others?

You may find that a good part of your time, talent, treasure and tools are tied up in unprofitable endeavors.  Not all activity is productive.  Some things cause “production pollution”  -an activity of busyness.  STOP IT! BIND IT! RE-ALLOTCATE IT!

How would the story of your life read?  

A life full of redundancies, inactivity and inconsistency will not be read. Why? Because there’s not much to write about.  Proof writers will discard a life’s work of junk script of authors who don’t meet the requirements of the publisher.

Things required are associated with some of the following terms: Rules, Order, Procedures, Constitutions, Copyrights, Patents, Laws, Contracts, Terms & Conditions, Covenants, etc.

CONCLUSION: Always read the fine print of your conscience.  Count the cost of commitment. The devil isn’t in the details; he’s in the blind spots.  Practice giving a simple yes or no, versus vows and swearing oaths on things and by things you don’t own, i.e. our mothers and children, the stars or God(s).  And to your hurt, keep your word.

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