Finding the questions to progress


“How am I progressing?”

Create windows into your process.   Make access panels for trusted sources to speak into you.  Establish Checkpoints, Check-ins, Relay stations, and Service stops with peers and mentors.  Does this sound like something you’d use for construction? Yes? Then why would your life need anything less.  This is not maintenance for vanity’s sake or an extreme obsession with life.

It’s for the “REALITY CHECKS”.

If you don’t check your life, who will check it for you.  Just as a dentist checks on your teeth, shouldn’t your life undergo a checkup as well? For starters, I highly recommend a daily dosage of these antidotal prescriptions before progress starts regressing.



“If I’m not investing in my health, where am I subsidizing to my death?”

“Where is help when I may need it?”

Lastly give yourself what I call the Dr Phil,
“So how’s that working for you?”


Keeping tabs is not the lost of liberties or micro-management.
It’s a healthy approach to having competent accountability.


Inspect what you Expect
Tend what you Expend
Reprimand what you Require
Reward what you Recognize

CONCLUSION: Life is full of risks, so adapt the practice of risk management.  Life is also full of rewards, so adapt the skill of checks and balances to celebrate them when they arrive.  Develop immunity for conflict, challenges, confrontation and chaos.  Stay Alert! Watchfulness may require intervention.

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