The lie about truth

Q: What is Truth?
A: Truth is anything that produces after itself the nature and character of its being.

Q: What is the truth about a Lie?
A: That the Lie re-animates after its true self reproducing after its kind.

Q: What is the truth about a White Lie
A: That a Lie will never be the Truth

Q: What is the Lie about Truth?
A: That we Lie about the Truth

This happens when the truth is not in us.
And we lie to ourselves (half-truths you say, ha)!
Refuting to the death we will say “Really! … it is the Truth.

Remember to tell yourself this truth:
“You can’t get grapes from a bramble bush.”
(although its fruits are edible)

And no matter how much you may boast of lofty expectations, immaculate conceptions or holy alliances;

One’s: offspring, results, outputs, produce, reaping, calculations, predictions, outcomes, report, ruling, analysis, forthcoming, come-upins, verdict, and fruit of labor etc… will show itself after its kind.

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