Cure Type II Diabetes with 30 minutes of yoga

Statistically, 5% from the world’s population is affected by diabetes. In Western Europe alone, 12 million people experience diabetes. Diabetes presents itself in a variety of ways with noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus or NIDDM, in a nutshell, being the most common genetic disease.

NIDDM, also called Type II diabetes is multifactorial, also depending on environmental factors including sedentary lifestyles, obesity, and nutritional imbalances.  Were you aware that yoga may be used to cure diabetes? The truth is, there are a few yoga exercises which will help cure diabetes.

These trainings are different from hatha yoga exercise because it entails positions specially supposed to treat particular conditions. This form of yoga also involves relaxation, meditation, and stretching exercises.

Research done by Yoga Biomedical Trust (a yoga research foundation in India established by biochemist Dr. R. Munro in 1982) learned that doing yoga for 30 minutes every day for any whole month can lower blood glucose levels in diabetics. The subjects performed one or two 90-minute yoga sessions every week and were told to train in the home.

The classes included yoga exercises from the bow, the spinal twist, and abdominal breathing. After 12 weeks, it was actually discovered those who took part in the yoga sessions had lower blood sugar than those who failed to take part in the yoga sessions. 3 yoga students had the ability to reduce their medication including one man who had not changed his drug regime for several years.

It has always been known that exercise is good for people suffering from diabetes. Yoga therapy can help reduce stress, considered to be a factor in maturity-onset diabetes. However, the problem is that some patients on the market will find it hard to keep up the normal sessions necessary to continue experiencing the benefits yoga proposes to diabetics.

Patients who took part in the study mentioned that they would like to set these classes set permanently but the problem is that they don’t have the money. It is far from the exercise element of the yoga therapy package that concerns one the most, (there isn’t enough physical exercise to take into account the alterations) but the anxiety reduction.

Stress hormones often increase blood sugar levels.

Apart from helping treat diabetes, this yoga therapy will even help stabilize moods, raise the sensation of well-being and make one feel more in control which in turn can help with controlling one’s diet.

As the old adage asserts, “Prevention Is Better Than The Cure”

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