Online marketing tracks everything

Reason #2

Online Marketing allows you to Track Everything

One of the biggest challenges of running an advertising campaign is being able to gauge how much it helps your business.  Take a newspaper ad for example, there is no way to know how many people will physically see your ad, let alone take action from it.  Wouldn’t it be nice if the newspaper company sent you a monthly summary that broke down:

1)      How many people saw your ad

2)      How many people read your ad, and decided to look for more information about your business

3)      How many people saw your ad, and came through your door as a paying customer

This is one of the reasons I LOVE online marketing.  Virtually everything can be tracked.  Did you know that it is quite easy to take a look at every single person that comes to your website?  One of the first things my company does is setup a method of tracking everything on your website.  This allows you to see all kinds of valuable things including:

1)      The amount of visitors your website is receiving each day.

2)      WHERE the visitors are coming from

3)      How long they are staying on your website.  It even shows how long they stay on each page!

4)      What pages they are leaving your website from

5)      What keywords they typed in to find your website

6)      If they were on your website before, or if this is their first visit

It is crucial that an internet marketing firm understand exactly where your business is before search engine marketing services begin, so the success of the campaign can be tracked.

Tracking the success of your business’s website closely even allows us to experiment with things like ad copy.  This is a great way to fine tune your advertising campaign and find out quickly what ads your potential customers find more interesting.

Keeping track is a field sport.
Let’s run.

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