I was stung on the back of my neck one day by a small wasp.  It served as a reminder of the insight given me a few months back about the spider and the wasp.

It was a biblical story about when King David questioned God about creating these two creatures who appeared to have no “real” purpose.  The spiders who spin all their lives having little for their labor and the wasp who builds hives but cannot make honey.

The Creator revealed that these two creatures would ultimately save his life;  and they did on two occasions.  The spider who made a web over the mouth of a cave where David and his men were hiding in which prevented the soldiers from entering.  Another time was with the wasp stinging General Abner while he slept, because his legs locked around David’s feet when he attempted to retrieve King Saul spear to prove his motives of not wanting to harm him.

I’ve had dreams both of the spider and the wasp.  Both are related to prosperity and fortune.  Both are considered a menace and are dreadfully feared.  But both serve as guardians and defenders.  Especially when it comes to unwanted pest who invite themselves to feed on the fruits of your labor.

The next time you find yourself saying, “Get me out of this!”

Say instead, “What can I get out of this?”

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