Finding the Underground Production Lines

A rhyme on reasoning:

“When I become aware of the wares that are around, I  find out where from the wearers crafts I’ve found.”  DC James 

A strategy for seasoning:

Taking from MIND… Making with MATERIALS… Going to MARKET

These are the “USEFUL” suspects thriving in their ideal habitats: The bootleg, the black market, the swap meet, the back alley, the roof top, the garage, the pawn shop, the curb-side. 

These are the despised beginnings that often brings in winnings.  Getting dirty had its start with being a rugged person not necessarily a ruthless one.  Here’s some “nitty-gritty” catch phrases to transform ****** thinking!

The Run of the Mill:  Look for muddy boots, dirt under the finger nails and a trail of cigarette butts, weird smells and the lights still on.

Follow that Piggy going to Market:  It’s most likely the most porky from the bunch, but you better keep up when running with the big hogs!

There are too many John Smiths:  Its what “go’s” that everybody knows.  The nickname says it all.  Mostly dubbed by others unofficially and its sticks with you all your days.

Scraps and the Left-overs:  The Art of Throwing Nothing Away! That old “thang” is tomorrow’s new “thing”!

Count it all Dung Dollars:  From the Crapper to a Coin-purse!  Ex. 10,000 tons of waste in a landfill creates six jobs, while recycling 10,000 tons of waste can create over 36 jobs.[¹]

The High Plains Thrifters:  The second hand, hand-me-down, hand over fist hook-up!

Insight:  “Going underground is not all underhanded, but you must understand it for great undertakings!” DC JAMES

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