The Compensation of Conviction

Inspired by a judge participant on the dance show “So you think you can Dance”

Her comment to one of the contestants was that even when the partners wobbled during their routine she felt “safe in their conviction” as dancers who committed themselves to see it through.

There will always be the occasional slip or fall, but how is our recovery of commitment toward the next step?
Are we confident with conviction?
Are we aware of the safety others have in our own convictions and not our perfection?
How will this change our attitude about performance?

Acquittals come when we don’t “quit at all”
It’s not prevention from falls but recovery from falls that saves the day.

The same goes for a community of support to restore others when they fall.

Is it more noble to have the facts and the proof of one’s fall or the wherewithal to restore and recover that person back from one?

Remember that we all may know the song but we have to work out the steps to the dance.

Patience will be looking for hire.
Make sure to pay her wages.


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