Teams Work if you Work in Teams

Together Everyone Achieves More When Organized Responsibilities Kindle¹

As the old saying goes, there is no “i” in team but the same goes for the other 21 letters of the alphabet. Hopefully in the case of ”YOUR” team, no one or nothing is left out of the crucial decision making process of leading to your success. No matter the size of the team the basics are the same.

And what are the basics?

The following is the anatomy of a team: VISION & TRUST

As stated earlier their is no “i” in team but there is in VISION -. And it is crucial that your team has both of them wide open. Without vision teams lose their way. This is why dreams, goals and aspirations are important. They give cause to gathering everyone around a common shared idea. The team defines what is most important, what is success, and what questions to ask of how success is determined. This activity of course involves other vital parts of the team’s body not just the “eyes” as we shall see (pun intended).

Now, if VISION is the flesh and bone of the anatomy, then TRUST is the life spark to sustain its functionality.

The trust factor is the quintessential element and transformational strategy  in team building. It is to be incorporated into every activity of the group. The way a team supports one another, encourages one another, and holds one another accountable must be mingled with TRUST. Just as water is two part hydrogen and one part oxygen as to serve the purpose of refreshing and regenerating life back into the body; so should every form of communication and coordination be infused with appreciation and the utmost respect for each part that makes up the whole.

The Three Musketeers had a team mission statement: “One for All and All for One!”

This is the challenge I put before you and your team today. Before you run out onto the field to face the opposition factors “standing in the way”, take the time to affirm those who are “standing with you” on the way to achieve the goal.

You’ve probably heard this statement before, “You may be in business for yourself but not by yourself.”

I have no idea who gets the credit for coining the phrase but it sure serves its purpose to boost the concept of being on a team.  Watch the ego and pride of the One “i” Monster that tries to take credit and ownership for all the success.  One should not count it robbery when “a” teammate refuses to take all the “credit” for ideas that comes through the team’s agenda on behalf of the team’s effort.

I would encourage you to adopt this mantra as the team working battle cry:

“One for All and All for One!”

There’s no doubt you’ll face opposition.

But don’t let it be within your ranks.

I’m reminded of Hemingway’s, “For Whom the Bell Tolls

Mind you this famous title and work is an excerpt taken from the meditations and prayers of poet John Donne (who obviously didn’t win the Pulitzer Prize).

What’s my point?!

The prize is always apprehended by a consorted-team-effort.


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