The Same but Different

Summary: Every season of change brings with it; misfortune to some and fortunes to others.  The likes of Conrad Hilton and JP Morgan made fortunes that expand over decades through some of America’s worst economic times.  Here is some deep understanding to changing with the times but remaining true to your brand.

A Creative Approached to Rolling with the Punches

All seasons are cycles.  Just as every economy has its booms, rushes and crashes. These cycles of nature and economy are laws that are fixed in place. They are not changing anytime soon. This is a great advantage for the opportunist who understands the signs and the times. They bring in change. Take note of Conrad Hilton, regarding his fortune, turned the misfortune of the Great Depression into opportunity. The same wave that brought calamity on his business was the same instrument that gained him favor with the banks because he didn’t file bankruptcy like the others who gave up.

INCLUSION: Where you may have been caught in the trough of misfortune you can catch the crest of the next wave of prosperity.

Different Rules to Get Better Results

All work should translate into results.  Unfortunately some live for just the fame and others fall in love with systems and ideas, never realizing they’re standing on the hose of their supply source; the supply of NEW ideas, people and materials. Renew your mindset that rules AREN’T made to be broken, although they are, but made to secure RESULTS. In the case of Chicago’s Cook County Hospital, the inspiration of the TV program ER, they modified their assessment processes using an algorithm method to better serve heart attack victims, thus revolutionizing a procedure that has been adopted worldwide.

SOLUTION: The moment results, expectations or outcomes are compromised by the affection of rules, fixed in place that once governed them, amend or modify them to suit the greater need.

Of a Different Opinion

All-One together equals alone.  How is it that we don’t have a problem being singled-out as winners? But as innovators, entrepreneurs, or pioneers we shrink at the slightest criticism? Think about this for a moment. We herald the bold person and the élite team of every sport profession. We rave and marvel at their discipline and great lengths, no matter how bizarre or radical to win the gold medal. There is not one Olympian athlete who is any different from the determined person or organization that says, “If I die trying then that will be my crown!”

There are heroes who songs are unsung. Pioneers who were honored only posthumously. For the record, it is the independent venturist who has saved the nations from poverty. For instance, banker JP Morgan on his advice to President Theodore Roosevelt, single-handedly saved our nation from financial ruin in the Panic of 1907. In the beginning he was dodged by the President and dogged by the public. In truth, he was considered a dangerous man because of his control not only in the business industry but as it regarded power and influence over America.

CONCLUSION: Although you may stand alone (ALL ONE); Don’t forget the class and breed you belong to. Stand Up! Speak Out! and Succeed where no man has gone before!

Dare to be Different!

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