When failure offers options

Failure doesn’t last long because it will soon live up to its reputation.
In other words, failure will FAIL.

The question is when it does will you find the RICHES it leaves behind.

There’s an incredible story called the The Richest Man in Babylon that tells of such a fate.

Brief Synopsis:   Man has dream… Man has plan… Plan fails… Man fails.
This would be a sad and terrible outcome for anyone who dares to believe, dares to achieve, but they fail apprehending it.

Be assured the story has a happy ending despite its sad beginning. I recommend reading or hearing the audio book for yourself. In the end, insight is gained by the successor from the failures of the predecessor.

This is a distinguishable pattern from generations that follow the next generation throughout all time. (Suggest: do research on the generation after the death of Johann Sebastian Bach ¹). Only those who have adjusted their vision will find real treasure. This is set in the preparation of the heart and mind to persist and never quit.

As sad as it is, the only successful plan of the man in the first case was taking his own life by his own hand. I find this incredible; by his own mind he devised it and by his own doing he carried it out.  Bear this in mind, eagles fly higher when storms come while chickens scurry to roost in the coop.

“Whatever you’re doing you’re succeeding at it”

The option of quitting leaves no options:

        • The option to go get help.
        • The option to fight another day.
        • The option to regroup and retry.

“Failure has no father but Success has many.”

Failure has its purpose but it’s not an invention.  But that’s what makes failure so noble (it can’t take ovation for the innovation that follows after it plays out).  In the extreme case of when we die, which we all will meet with, it should never be observed as utter ruin. Such things are not true; some things will never fail. Change your attitude by coming to terms with two scientific facts: energy is constant and substance recycles. The dimension of how that all works will need a quantum leap forward in the way of how one thinks.

When you have time to read the story, take note of the first man and how he had the privilege of a few options to accomplish the goal; to either succeed or fail but he only achieved quitting. Pay close attention to the second man and see what qualities separated him from the first.

Watch carefully for true riches!

The first man (the rich) had the same options and possibly less experience than his predecessor due to the fact of the first man’s failure which would give reason to why he didn’t persevere. Oftentimes, too many options may pose a distraction. They fog the mind with an overload of data. This is aptly called “paralysis of analysis”; all the could’ve, would’ve, should’ve stuff.

I’m borrowing a popular phrase: “Either go big or stay home!”
The smart choice is the best option that always exist.

And the option is this…

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