Signs of fatigue, Sighs for relief

Signs, signs everywhere is signs.
Do this don’t do that can you read the signs.

Maybe there are too many signs.
What cause these signs?
Where are the signs of being fed up?

I’ve read the signs and its not working for me.
How about some space for my frustration?

I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt, the screen saver, wallpaper; the bumper sticker, the tattoo and the avatar, the apps… (sigh).

Now what?
What’s next?
Vital signs haven’t changed?

I’m running out of white space.
My patience is on auto-response.
I need to S.E.O.M.G my way out of this.

God knows I done enough googling around to add up frequent surfer miles and cellular data overages. Wonder if I can write off information overload outages that break circuits in my brain.

Get some workman’s comp for click finger fatigue!
Something over the counter for hotspot hot-flashes!

The mixers, the matchers; of all the seminars, webinars, and teleconferences. The pitches, the patches, the podcast parlor mix-matches.  The overkill of spiel in the overflow chat room, sales funnel tunnel, survey swill, IM ME or AM I? -I’ll text you back soon vacuums.

Maybe there’s some medicinal relief associated with the duress of disconnection in this high-speed networking conundrum.


Whew! Got that out my system!
No wonder my “drive” was sluggish.

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