You know You?!

A common expression that may be heard during a gathering of the minds regarding business is “Its not what you know, but who you know”.  Its become the understanding of how the way things are.  Or to some extent, how the way things go.

For the sake of argument, if this is the case, when you find the who you know wouldn’t what they know be important?

My challenge to you is why not cut out the middle-man.
What’s stopping you from being the who that knows.

This same cliche’ can be used to create a rhetorical response.

TOOL: The Rhetorical Triangle: LOGOS (idea, message); PATHOS (force, emotion) ETHOS (form, manner).

All Communication is Essentially a Trilateral Relationship

INSIGHT: “You knowing you can draw those who want to know you.”

There is a crime that has been around for a long time. Its called “identity theft”.  This isn’t something new (that came along with credit cards and the internet).  People have been hijacking identities since time began.  What’s really criminal, is with all the effort to be someone else; in acquiring their essence, status and substance, we neglect our own originality.

This same energy to be like someone else (we believe is) liked by everyone else, can be channeled; to be a likable self.

And if you can be like you, you can be …LIKED!

This happens when you live in becoming settled with …YOURSELF.

Awareness is a part of the first mastery in life; of being, doing and then knowing. 
So, What are you understanding?

With all the time with oneself one would assume you would know…YOU!
Ever ask yourself, What is in your name?

Here is the real truth of what was said earlier about needing to know who.
You ready to hear it?

The what you need to know is in WHO you know!
And if you lose sight of the real who’s and play the masquerade of charades…

Well then…Who knows Who won’t happen.

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