Impeding the Flow of Traffic

Summary: Global internet traffic is on the rise looking to quadruple in 2015.  Today’s internet marketer will need to be prepared to get into the flow of this increase of traffic in order to meet the demands it may require.

Getting into the Flow

I’m reminded of drivers ed when I hear the term “Flow of Traffic”. I remember our instructor stressing the importance of when getting onto the on-ramp of the freeway we needed to get up to speed with the flow of traffic. He didn’t say drive the speed limit. He said, “Accelerate into it!”

This didn’t sink in until we actually were behind the wheel applying it in the field. Maybe you’re like me, hearing it but not comprehending the total magnitude of the situation.

Internet Highway Expansion

I lived in California for about 10 years. And one thing that is distinctly noticeable, outside of the beaches and palm trees are its highways. I lived there from 87′ to 98′ at which time I witness a great expansion of its road systems, particularly around Irvine, Orange County. I believe they were up to six lanes back then. No telling where they are now in 2013.

My point is that highways were built to accommodate the density of the population. The same effect applies to the internet; more devices (vehicles) more increase of traffic.

This is a good thing for the online marketer who understands how to “get into the flow“. Conversely, it will become a daunting task for those of you who have only driven on a 2-lane highway (Picture: dial-up as to a horse draw carriage in the middle of I-5 in California).

Global Road Work Ahead

Careful, this is where road rage can rear its ugly head. To “curb” this behavior, I’ve inclosed some stats provided by Cisco that can come in handy as a road-side assistant to avoid any fender-benders while scaling up or scaling back your activities as a marketer or consumer.

Buckle Up and Drive Safe!

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