Finish preparation before starting

“Every start is a trial on your preparation” DC JAMES

 Introduce is the Zone of Preparation

It’s where “first things” come and where things are first ever introduced or revisited.  First things are in the form of dreams, new ideas, experiences and challenges never faced before.  Common everyday rituals; like waking up, eating, bathing and reading the morning paper etc., are first again things.

This is why the first meal is breakfast.  It’s not the first meal we’ve ever had, but it’s the first meal of the day that breaks the fast. (Epiph: last meals could be called break-starts)

For example, our conscience mind comes on-line after we wake from unconsciousness sleep.  Once fully awake our breathing patterns change.  Our nervous system jumps starts by sensations of cool temperatures, water and food.  Gradually our brains lift out of a fog by increasing the heart rate through movement and stimuli created by sounds and bombardments of interactive information.

These preparatory starts begin in the Introduce Zone.

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