Laboring to get rest

Reduce is the Zone for Restoration. Some things can stop abruptly while others should wind down or shut down slowly.  Everything should have a proper resting place and a recharging cycle.  If you remember when you were a child you may recall your parents telling you these “shut down” things before going to bed.  Things […]

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Claiming the rewards of accountability

“Savings are reduced wages accounted for”, DC JAMES Deduce is the Zone of Accountability. Make an accounting for: things done, things undone, profit and loss, strengths and weakness; of everything for that matter (including the triumphs and failures which we tend to forget about).  Just like a cash register, close it out making sure it’s […]

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Get ideas off to work

“Work while it is day” JOHN 9:4 Produce is the Zone of Productivity This quadrant-zone is where planted seeds and watering efforts come to fruition as a harvest of results. This is activity bringing plans and ideas to the front lines. Systems, formulas and processes of existing production lines, I call (mills of production), activate […]

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Finish preparation before starting

“Every start is a trial on your preparation” DC JAMES  Introduce is the Zone of Preparation It’s where “first things” come and where things are first ever introduced or revisited.  First things are in the form of dreams, new ideas, experiences and challenges never faced before.  Common everyday rituals; like waking up, eating, bathing and […]

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