Laboring to get rest

Reduce is the Zone for Restoration.

Some things can stop abruptly while others should wind down or shut down slowly.  Everything should have a proper resting place and a recharging cycle.  If you remember when you were a child you may recall your parents telling you these “shut down” things before going to bed.  Things like brush your teeth, turn off the lights, get off the phone and go to sleep are a challenge for most families (that’s why we shouldn’t rile up or excite children before, bedtime;  it makes it hard for them to fall sleep).  How much the more for your action items, goals and projects they have to come to a close.

Lets take a look at some more examples.  Ever noticed how a car has a garage, birds have nests, and clothes have a closets; our bodies lay in beds but where do we put our thoughts? No doubt we have come up with all kinds of terms for attention deficits and excessive attention spans. Worry is like blunt force trauma that come in small doses which causes amnesia. Where there isn’t rest, recreation or leisure, most substitute it with more work, worry and stress.

Some things will keep until the next day or in another zone.

This is why resting time is a resetting time that cares for YOU and your life not you carrying the cares of life.  Restful sleep and peaceful assurance come by understanding what makes you sufficient for tomorrow’s challenges. Conservatively take this note, that all of creation experiences rest at various given times; through seasons, by days and in moments.

Refreshing, resetting, reflecting, and recharging takes place in the Reduce Zone.

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