Claiming the rewards of accountability

“Savings are reduced wages accounted for”, DC JAMES

Deduce is the Zone of Accountability.

Make an accounting for: things done, things undone, profit and loss, strengths and weakness; of everything for that matter (including the triumphs and failures which we tend to forget about).  Just like a cash register, close it out making sure it’s collected and balanced to account for the day’s take.  Not all “to-do’s” get done in and by today. Some things may need discarding while other things may need more time.

This Quadrant Zone helps you review the status of performance that justifies reward or correction.  This monitor and control process is much like how the yellow traffic light signal works (sometimes you have to pump your brakes).  These constraints will aid you with keeping good accounts on quantity and quality use of your time, talent, treasure and tools [¹].

The practice of inspect what you expect occurs in the Deduce Zone.

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