Finding the questions to transformation


“Who am I becoming?”

Trans= to move across (movement)
Form= is the shape (model)

I am. I am being. I am human.  Am I being human?

You can be conceived as one thing but be perceived all together as something different.

All change is inevitable, but we can’t change the inevitable.  And unfortunately, against our better judgment, we may find our being “human”, warring for control and regulation with the laws of change.

What are your fears about change?
What are your reactions to the cycles and seasons of life?
How are you coping with the unfamiliar places and events currently going on around you?

How do you celebrate your shape? CLUE: Your Holiday
(We celebrate Columbus and he’s dead.)

How do you handle the mourning process associated with transformation?

Example: I AM, then I AM NOT, then I AM again…CHANGED

CONCLUSION: Embrace Change. Treat him like a relative because he’ll show up unexpectedly.  And if you don’t like something, treat him as a guest and see him work for you.  Treat him as a friend and watch him use you as a partner.

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