Finding the questions to responsibility


“How am I doing?”

Not to be confused with “What am I doing?”
Change comes through being not doing.
The purpose of the question is for measuring response.

Rephrase: “How is my ability to respond, responding?”

How are my reflexes? 
When things touch me, how am I moved? 
When I’m prodded or pressed, why am I hesitant?
Do I resist or do I persist? 
Do I react or respond initially with emotion or by reason? 

Q: Is there a difference? A: Yes.

CLUE: Be honest in self-reporting.
           Don’t minimize or exaggerate.

Is my reach exceeding my grasp?

Explain: You may be able to touch something but not get your hands, head or heart around it.

Am I an executor or an intentionalist?

Meaning= What has been in head and heart (intentional) has it been (executed) by moving your hind parts and enlisting your hands. 

CONCLUSION: Respond only to what you are aware of.
Anyone can react; i.e. to fire, to calamity, but only the informed intuition can respond with corrective action.  Responsiveness is a combination of action replete with abilities.

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