Finding questions to understanding


“What am I understanding?”

Wisdom about self is the first domain. It is the “is-dom” of a thing. The simple approach to wondering, reasoning and pondering are personified through The Five Fellows who never tell.  They are Who, What, Why, Where and How.
They are few, but hold the record for effectiveness when getting to the answer of a thing. “It is what it is”, is a well-known often used expression. It is a knee jerk response of a complacent mindset for deal- with-it, don’t-ask-questions type things.

There is no rule that says stop questioning because the definition or explanation isn’t obvious. Don’t be afraid of finding answers you may not like. The practice is to ask, seek and knock. And the rewards are to understand and be aware.

What ideas about you are still in question?
What ideas about you are undeniable?

If you believe inventions have inventors you may reason the “is” of creation as having a creator. By written account, the Creator uses the first URL (Universal Resource Locator/Identifier) for addressing humanity. He calls out “Where are you?” Genesis 3:9. In essence, it is saying, “Aware Yourself.” A question has an ionic charge to provoke or evoke a response.

“What are in your questions?”

CONCLUSION: Ask all the I don’t know questions first before blindly assuming. Go for the real answers; don’t settle for flattery and lies. Afterwards, having thoroughly examined yourself, take onus and authorship of the truth about you. And the truth that’s hard to swallow; make a plan to deal with it.

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