Problems are emblems

Problems are really EMBLEMS in disguise.

On the other hand you may have diamonds in your backyard and don’t have the slightest clue on how to “MIND” them out.

This is where mentoring and guidance comes in handy.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your life now.
There’s a way to improve things; to get clear and to start turning the corner.

Those of you who have had your share of living can agree; its full of ups and downs. I’m willing to bet, as sure as you’re following my strategies, you are the sort that says, “I’m willing to happen to life and not just let life happen to me.”

That’s a good response.
Attitude does determine altitude.
But there’s more to bear in mind when conditions call for course adjustment or strategic planning.

Before you become a flight risk I want you to take a “fight risk”!
Take this mindset and transform your discouragement into encouragement.

There is the cost of maintenance and the cost of replacement

Mind you, some things are not replaceable.

Many today are facing declining health and overwhelming struggles.
Obvious reasons tracing back to un-renewed or ill-informed mindsets toward dealing with all the cares of life.  (e.g. The automobile is not all automatic; failure to keep basic maintenance can cost the life of the engine).

It’s all a matter of when and how much.

Life can either hold you hostage or reward you handsomely.
As an optimist, I believe people would prefer benefits and rewards.

“The price for peace of mind is costing some a fortune.” DC JAMES

What challenges are you facing right now?
How much have you lost fretting over seeing the PROBLEMS?
What benefit would you gain to see them as EMBLEMS of rewards in disguise?

Og Mandino said, “Life is a game; the grandest of all, but you have to play by its rules.”

Don’t you think its time to stop paying admission to spectate at others who are in the “REAL” action of life?

Would you rather pay attention and pay dues in directions toward LIFE or toward DEATH?

The answer is obvious.
But the decision will cost you something.

I challenge you to make a transforming decision from this day forward to learn the rules, love the game and live the life in the way it was intended for…by contending for its prizes.

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