Finding the questions to responsibility

RESPONSIBILITY “How am I doing?” Not to be confused with “What am I doing?” Change comes through being not doing. The purpose of the question is for measuring response. Rephrase: “How is my ability to respond, responding?” How are my reflexes?  When things touch me, how am I moved?  When I’m prodded or pressed, why […]

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Answers are in the right questions

Ask yourself these important questions while on your QUEST for richer development and greater discoveries. A wareness:       “What am I understanding ?” R esponsibility:   “How am I doing ?” T ransformation: “Who am I becoming ?” F ind:                   “What am I discovering ?” O bserve:            “What am I recognizing ?” R equired:           “Where am I […]

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You know You?!

A common expression that may be heard during a gathering of the minds regarding business is “Its not what you know, but who you know”.  Its become the understanding of how the way things are.  Or to some extent, how the way things go. For the sake of argument, if this is the case, when […]

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